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Just released JWildfire V1.80 which is .. again … a striking new version. It features a completely new module designed to generate 3D-models from your fractals in an easy way.
You can use those models in any available  3d-package to create “real” 3d-images with refraction-effects, shadows and whatever you want. You can even animate them. Or you could create solid objects to put onto your (real! :-)) desktop, or create some extremely cool gift for your girlfriend, by using a 3d-printing-service!

Here is an image demonstrating the basic workflow:
JWildfire 1.80 Mesh Generating Workflow by thargor6

But, please note, that this is a complete new (and independent) module, which will not “impact” the classical flame-fractal-generating in any way. So, if you feel, you will not need this new feature, this is absolutely ok :-) There are still new worlds to enter with this new version: First, there are some new variations by dark-beam, second, there are significant changes to the random-color-generator, creating now much more interesting results, third: the custom_wf-variations react much more friendly on errors now. Will make it much more fun to try out new formulas and stuff :-)

Complete list of changes:

  • new module to generate meshes from 3d-flame-fractals! The module consists of three parts:
    • a volumetric renderer
    • a mesh generator which uses the marching-cubes-algorithm to generate a mesh from a stack of rendered images
    • a previewer which can either create a quick-preview by some internal renderer or a high quality-preview by using the integrated sunflow-renderer
    • In comparison to some other solutions the module has the following strengths:
      • it works multi-threaded and has decent speed
      • it creates not only vertices, but also vertex normals
      • it is able to process really huge meshes, if you have enough memory
      • the mesh-generator supports additional smoothing and can process any image-stack in the formats supported by JWildfire. So probably you could also convert Mandelbulb3D Voxelstack by using this modeule (I have not tried it, so any feedback is welcome)
      • it is extensible and open source
    • a tutorial-document describing how to use the new module, including an example, is provided in the new help-section (Users of the V1.80 ALPHA: Please note that both the program and the document have changed in several significant ways)
  • restructured the Help/About-section, updated some informations, added an Aphophysis-users-hints-page
  • improved the “Strong hue”-random-color-generator to produce more interesting results
  • black-border-fix for the “bwrands”-variation by dark-beam
  • new “log_db”-variation by dark-beam
  • new “asteria”-variation by dark-beam
  • new “ztwister”-variation by dark-beam
  • made the “custom_wf”-variations more robust to errors. If an error occurs during regular calculation (e.g. after loading a flame with errors in the java-code) the variation does nothing. If you edit the code, you cant save it until you fixed the error
  • improved start-script for Macs by Matthew Townsend
  • new fluent-API to create sunflow-scenes (only interesting for developers)

Enjoy! :-)

Some recent renders:
Glass Flower (JWildfire fractal as 3D Mesh) by thargor6
Upside down by thargor6
Color splash by thargor6
Brass Flower (JWildfire fractal as 3D Mesh) by thargor6
Bullet (JWildfire fractal as 3D Mesh) by thargor6


thargor6's Profile Picture
Andreas Maschke
Hello, I'm the author of JWildfire. Here are some links regarding to the project:
- Official site:
- Official forum:
- Facebook users group:…
- Google+ group:…

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KPEKEP Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2014
1000 works , cool result!
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KateHodges Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
JWildfire is wonderful. I have enjoyed making so many things. Thank you. :)
(1 Reply)
3D2GO Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for making such an amazing piece of software! Just downloaded v1.7 and about to install it after removing v1.63. Wish I can figure out how to use the fractal flames in Bryce 7 Pro to make them 3D. Going to experiment with them in the terrain generator. Cheers!
(1 Reply)
LyndellLee Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Thanks for the Llama Potter 
waste-and-tragedy Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2014
Hi Andreas...thank you for your comment earlier this week (it's gone now)..I have very little free time lately so I could not reply sooner...I will be happy to try your software...will download it this evening :)
(2 Replies)
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