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Just released JWildfire V1.90 which was on it’s way (under the hood) for quiet a while. But, finally, today I decided it is enough of development time, and ready for take-off :-)
So what is it all about? It was never been so easy to create fractal animations because you may now animate any fractal-property … by just drawing a curve with your mouse. Imagine a rotation angle fixed to 30 degrees. Now you can not only set this fixed value to the rotation angle, you may also draw a curve, for example a line with just two points.
First point at frame 1 with a value of 30 degreess, and a second point at frame 200 with 300 degrees. You just defined a rotation! But, of course, you may animate ANY property this way, and have visual feedback to control the shape of you curve. As an additional feature, you may even add motion-blur effects!

Here is a basic tutorial on this:
JWildfire 1.90 motion curves and motion blur tut by thargor6

Complete list of changes:

- Motion-Curves in the Main-Editor:
    - after a long period of development I finally decided to enable the motion-curve-editor in the main editor! This means you can define a motion curve (drawn with you mouse) for each flame-property to create awesome animations, using the most easy-to-use interface possible. You may even add controlled motion-blur! Or you can use this feature to modify different properties at the same time to find “interesting spots”. The possibilities are endless :-) You will see a new large button to enable/disable this new features. I. E. if you dont care about animations, you will notice no change, unless you press this button. A video-tutorial on all this stuff will come later…
    - preview-playback-function for the global motioncurve-editing-mode
    - automatically save the flame rendered in the interactive renderer as “jwf_ir_current.flame” (like an auto quicksave). So, in case of a rare crash you will always keep you latest flame in the IR.

- Mesh-Generator:
    - new Option to skip slices in the mesh-generating-process added some image-pre-filtering-options to modify (smooth) the generated slices
    - some experimental option to thicken details, may get obsolete by using the pre-filters (requires more testing, any feedback is welcome)
    - created an official JWildfire-shop at… (It is not about making money, just to show what the mesh-generator can do. But you can also buy this stuff, of course, I have tried to make the prices as fair as possible)

- Other changes:
    - improved the speed and “smoothness” of the interactive renderer
    - extended the “mandelbrot”-variation by three params: “seed” (allowing fixed random shapes which may be better animated), “max_points” (to specify the number of fixed major points which build the shape, good if you plan to increase the surface by using a blur-variation) and “rnd_z_range” (specify a range at the z-direction where the major points get distributed, can lead to much more interesting models)
    - added new shape TRIANGLE and PYRAMID to “primitives_wf”-variation (right, it is now easy to build the pyramids :D)
    - fixed the encoding of the start_mac.command file, thanks again to Matthew Townsend
    - new “sph3D”-variation by Xyrus02
    - added the methode getCurrLayer() to the script-runner-interface
    - some additions to the FAQ-section

Here is the download link:…

Some recent renders:
Eternal flames by thargor6
Overgrown Mandelbrot (Flame-fractal-mesh) by thargor6
Raising the bar by thargor6
The Labyrinth by thargor6
Alien Surgery In The Desert (Flame-fractal-mesh) by thargor6


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Andreas Maschke
Hello, I'm the author of JWildfire. Here are some links regarding to the project:
- Official site:
- Official forum:
- Facebook users group:…
- Google+ group:…

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KPEKEP Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2014
1000 works , cool result!
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KateHodges Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
JWildfire is wonderful. I have enjoyed making so many things. Thank you. :)
(1 Reply)
3D2GO Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for making such an amazing piece of software! Just downloaded v1.7 and about to install it after removing v1.63. Wish I can figure out how to use the fractal flames in Bryce 7 Pro to make them 3D. Going to experiment with them in the terrain generator. Cheers!
(1 Reply)
LyndellLee Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Thanks for the Llama Potter 
waste-and-tragedy Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2014
Hi Andreas...thank you for your comment earlier this week (it's gone now)..I have very little free time lately so I could not reply sooner...I will be happy to try your software...will download it this evening :)
(2 Replies)
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