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Submitted on
January 12, 2013


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Just released JWildfire V0.61.

Major new feature is the possiblity to cancel the current main render process because it is now running in the background. This was heavily demanded by many users and now it's finally done  :-) On fast machines you can even continue to design new fractals while rendering.

Complete list of changes:
- the main render function now is a background task which makes it possible to cancel it (currently only for internal renderer) and continue to work while  -rendering
- removed the ancient spatial and color oversampling options (all user-defined quality profiles will be removed with this update!, if you face problems with noise use spatial and/or DE filter options)
- new variations originally created by Larry Berlin:
    - pRose3D
    - ho
    - ovoid3d
    - fibonacci2
- experimental tree to show flame properties for the dancing flame module
- lots of internal refactoring regarding the dancing flame editor

Just click the "Random flames" button to start playing around and have fun :-)

You can download the new version as always here:…

Some recent renders:
Ascent by thargor6
Holey island by thargor6
Ice flowers by thargor6
Ghosts by thargor6
Shattered to the ground by thargor6
Twisted by thargor6
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Das ist genial, was Du da gemacht hast. Ich habe gerade meinen I7 mit 16GB Ram bestückt und es läuft super. Rendern im Hintergrund und forschen im Editor. Ich hoffe ich kann noch heute was neues zaubern.
Vielen vielen Dank.
:-) Und die nächste Version ist schon in Vorbereitung, so viele Ideen... nur so wenig Zeit :D
apomaker Jan 18, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi there, thank you so much for this amazing tool to create some fantastic designs! Here is something that I have created with some of the new feature! [link]
Looks cool :-) And thank you very much :-)
skyzyk Jan 12, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Soon to be linked.
fraterchaos Jan 12, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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